Top Drawer

It’s always nice to see new things at Top Drawer.  But the old favourites seem as enduring and appealing as ever.  The cleaner less cluttered stands were more easy on the eye as you could see the product, ‘less is more’ as they say.

The enchanting Hope and Greenwood stand was a divine set up like a miniature sweet shop from days gone by, yet refreshingly up to date with gorgeous and often witty packaging, and tingling vignettes of goodies.  The owners themselves were on the stand, the charming Miss Hope and friendly Mr Greenwood, and how sweet of them to give me with a delicious Spotted Dick chocolate treat!


New to the show was Archie Grand, whose brightly coloured journals are a complete no-brainer.  Simple, available in a massive rainbow of colours, and each with a title eg. ‘Designers I’ve Met and Liked’.  Archie himself was on the stand and was busily cutting up magazines and newspapers sticking a collage into one of his books, and handed me over a bright kelly green journal to keep entitled ‘Gardener’s I’ve Met and Liked’.  I love it just because it’s green, smooth and incredibly basic.  His website is cool and has lots more inspirational pics.

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