I love paper coffee cups

I became somewhat obsessed with paper coffee cups while living in New York.  Every morning when I got my take-out coffee I was handed a little piece of art.  Cups with colourful designs, cups advertising tv shows, cups advertising the latest dot.com.  I could never throw them away and stacked them up in my Mulberry Street apartment!  Now back in London, I still have my colourful collection of cups (bottom right) - reminding me of those heady days in NYC.

So it was very refreshing for me to see the artist Gwyneth Leech setting up her hand painted coffee cups in the window of Anthropologie in Regent Street last week, as part of the Design Festival of London.  365, a year's worth of paper cups, dated and illustrated by the artist were being hung in the window by the artist herself. "The installation makes visible largely unconscious patterns of consumption; this is what one simple take-away purchase looks like over the course of a year, this is what would usually be thrown away."  All the cups have their own amazing character, each a momento of the day, place and mood of the artist.

Lucky for us some of Gwyneth's goodies have been replicated on ceramic and are available from Anthropologie. I especially like the water towers cup, so iconic! 



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